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Who should you hire ?

In this business we call "Video", there are many levels of " Camera Operators".

Below are BASIC descriptions to some of the "Levels"

This post will address this question from MY point of view.

1. Camera Operator (basic): Someone that is familiar with the very basics of Operating a Video Camera. At this level the Op, should be able to Power up, White Balance, Black Balance, Focus, and Zoom. A Camera OP at this level may or may NOT know proper COMPOSITION. They may get assistance from a "Director or Producer", most Ops at this Level will be using Cameras at Events that have multiple cameras, allowing the Director to use another Op to fill the gap until he is able to get the proper shot from the other camera. This level requires that the Op do some menial tasks.

2. Camera Operator (White Glove)

At this level, the Operator will not need much "Direction" from the Director/Producer. Ops at this level can really enhance the "Viewing" experience for your audience. They also allow for more creativity from all involved and takes some of the pressure off the D/P. They are called "White Glovers" because they basically arrive at the Event, walk to the assigned camera, check out the camera and tripod for proper setup. They perform the camera operation for the agreed to times and may or may not help tear down the Camera and Tripod,then they are free to leave if THEY choose. Some "White Glovers" will assist in "Striking" the show.


These Camera Ops are usually the "Elite" Class of Camera Ops.Their experience level is TOTALLY different from the 2 mentioned above.Even at this level, the talent can vary GREATLY. Generally speaking Eng and EFP cameraops are called "Shooters". This type of Op has "Field " experience. Either shooting News or Commercial projects or both. If you are LUCKY enough to get one of these to shoot or run camera for your event, be prepared to pay a higher rate for their services.

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